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Welcome to the General Forum - Rules Inside!
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Forum Administrator

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2002 11:18 am    Post subject: Welcome to the General Forum - Rules Inside!
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Welcome to the SmallBall General Forum!
This forum is for SmallBall team owners to discuss SmallBall. This forum is not intended for beginners. However, if beginners do post we expect the 'advanced' owners to be friendly and helpful. Beginners to SmallBall should use the Beginner's forum.

On this forum we encourage lively and passionate debate but ask that you strive for a professional attitude. We reserve the right to delete or move posts we judge to be purely flaming or spamming, socially offensive, illegal, or otherwise unworthy. However bickering, finger pointing, and trash talk are welcomed in the "Outside" forum (within limits.)

For Customer Service please email:

For DT problems or questions:

Good luck and ...
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2003 3:50 pm    Post subject: FORUM RULES and BLUE BUTTON Instructions. Please read.
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Just to clarify since there are a lot of players who seem to think that the rules here are so unbelievably hard to follow. I am posting the rules of the forum as I can think of them, a description of them and what usually happens if you break those rules.

1. No porn images or porn links – Pretty self explanatory. If you post a porn picture you will be instantly banned. No warnings. They wont be tolerated here. If you post a picture to an obvious porn site you will be instantly banned. If you post a picture to a site that has porn on it but you really didn’t know it had porn, then the link will most likely just be disabled. I don’t warn on things like this but I will send a PM to the person and let them know why and to be careful. There are a lot of joke pictures out there that are housed on sites with porn.

2. No profanity or vulgarities. This basically means the major profanity or vulgarities. It really doesn’t pertain to words like damn or the like. If the filter picks it up then you know its not allowed. Don’t try and use special characters to spell the word out. If its censored, don’t use it. If it is a major profanity like the “f? word and you sit there and call people that and post nothing but that word like a few people have done then the odds are you will be instantly banned. No pre warnings, No official warnings. If you continue to use certain words that get edited and you try to push the envelope you might end up with some warnings.

3. No racial comments – Depending on the racial slur and the extent its used, will be deleted and user may get instant ban or warnings.

4. Personal attacks really aren’t welcome here. There is an outside forum but it also states “within reason?. If you get into a heated debate with someone, as I also have, then try and keep it reasonable. There is no reason to make anything personal here as this is the internet. I don’t know you from Adam and you don’t know me either. These will often result in a PM to the person to tone it down. If continued offenses happen, which do, then a warning will result. If they continue, then you could get banned. This includes attacks on anyone, spammers, etc….. We don’t like spammers, but we also don’t like people attacking them either. They eventually get it and ease up.

5. Theft and Fraudulent trades can get you an instant ban depending on the severity of it. It can get you warnings as well which could lead to banning.

6. Posting in the wrong forums – This one doesn’t bother me as much as some mods. I just move them and let it go but it does bother some and it is against the rules. You can get warnings from this.

7. Posting non-trade related posts in the trading forums. This one can get you a warning. It might seem petty but there is a reason behind this rule. The reason is, that we don’t want conversations and posts going off topic in someone elses trading post. They are trying to trade their possessions and they don’t need someone telling them they suck, or their teams suck or having another conversation that doesn’t even pertain to them. We, or I at least, will usually just delete the posts and pm the person if I have time to do it. The fact is it happens a lot and I just don’t have time to send a PM with every one of them. If you do get a PM telling you to stop doing it and then you continue to do it then you will get into trouble.

8. Banners and signature images. We have guidelines set for this to make the forums as enjoyable as possible so that some people don’t have to spend eternity loading a page or that they don’t have to scroll over a foot to see all of someones post. Whatever you put in your signature affects the entire thread. If you put an image that takes up 2 screens, then everyone has to scroll over to see every post, not just yours. Banner sizes are made to keep that within reason. Granted the resolution settings don’t quite add up to the banner requirements as some have pointed out. The reason for this is that the mod buttons we have reside at the top of each post. When a banner goes over 450 pixels, it combines with the mod buttons and pushes the text off the screen. The 150k size limit also is to help users so they don’t have to spend a long time loading. Some people have cable but unless you live in a big city or something like that, the odds are you are on dial up. Some people even have a hard time with 150k but we are trying to make it so everyone can use the images they have. There are a lot of people who are in violation of this rule right now. It wont get you banned, it might get you a warning if it keeps happening but I know that I have sent one person on here about 10 pm’s because each time I tell him to change it, he changes it to something that is still in violation or fixes it, then changes it back. Continued abuse might get your signature abilities taken away.

Add* - No blatant references to illegal drugs will be tolerated on these forums.

These are the only real rules I know about or look for. There might be others. The Mods try their best and do make mistakes. If they make a mistake, talk to them about it. Calling them out into the public forum is the wrong way to go about it. All the Mods will PM you before giving a warning. If you give them a hard time or ignore their efforts then it will most likely result in a warning and you might not get the PM's anymore. Some warn and warn and warn and people still don’t listen then all of a sudden they do something and get an official warning for it. They then complain in the forums about fairness yet they never mention the umpteen times we pm’d them asking them not to do something or asked them to tone it down.

There is not a Mod here who wont try their hardest to help you with a problem you have, or to recover your stolen team, or to assist you in many other ways, yet when we finally have to give a warning or a ban to someone, then we are the bad guys again. I can tell you, not one person banned has not been pre-warned several times about their actions before getting banned. It could go all the way back to the Real forum days or could be here but those who have been banned, know they either violated the rules on too many times or pushed the envelope a little too far.

Also, people need to understand that the Commish has very little to do with the daily workings of the boards. He has better things to do than to go around looking for people to warn and banning people. Most of the rules, have been set by the Mods and have been set that way based on events as they happen. If someone posted a porn link, then we discuss it and say “OK, we need a rule for no porn links?, We tell the Commish and he basically agrees. If someone complains to us that he keeps getting people calling him names in his posts then we PM the guy to stop and maybe make a rule on it. We discuss alot as Mods and talk to the Commish occasionally but he trusts us to keep the boards clean and “family friendly? and we trust him to keep the game running as best he can. Accusing him of being a dictator really isn’t fair as he isn’t the one who makes the rules, we are. Maybe we have too many rules, maybe we don’t have enough, or maybe there are just certain people who can’t or won’t follow rules no matter how really basic they are. We make mistakes and sometimes we make rules as we go based on what we see. We don’t care if you voice your opinions, we actually want you too but we want you to do it without breaking the rules and without making it personal or calling names.

I hope this clears things up a little bit and I hope everyone can get along a little better. There are some members who have left us and some who will be leaving. We wish them the best of luck and hope they return someday to a place they will feel more comfortable and we hope we can provide that for them.

Add: From the Yard Sale, but should be here as well:

No Begging!

One very important thing that applies to not only to the trade forums, but to ALL the official Smallball forums, is that there is absolutely NO BEGGING ALLOWED. To be more specific, there is to be no asking around for free teams or tickets. These types of posts will be deleted or locked. Repeat offenses will receive warnings. 3 warnings in these forums will result in the offender being banned. If you don't have anything to offer in trade for the item(s) you seek, then wait until you can purchase it or win it in one of the many tournaments or contests that are held throughout Smallball.
7/13/05 AMENDMENT: It is OK to ask for donations if you are holding a tournament. You can do this in your original tournament thread. No seperate threads or spamming PM's asking for donations will be allowed.

Posting links to other sites in order to earn yourself points, money, or other rewards is prohibited. These will be locked with the link removed or deleted altogether.

A 24 hour or off the first page rule will apply effective Oct. 21, 2005. Either 24 hours must pass since the last post (by anyone) in that thread, or the thread has to have been nudged off the first page before you can "Bump". Any bumps that violate this rule will be deleted. Repeated offenses may lead to further actions.

Limit yourself to only 5 smileys in any given post. Anything beyond that is unnecessary and annoying. Moderators will take whatever action they feel to be appropriate under the circumstances, be it verbal warning, official warning, or an eventual banning.
"Oderint dum metuant"
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Global Moderator
Global Moderator

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2004 8:52 pm    Post subject:
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Instructions and Guidelines:

In the upper right hand corner of a post is a blue button. This is your tool for helping to moderate these forums.

This is when you can use it:

-- When you see a post that is OBVIOUSLY in the wrong forum. Please don't reply to a post stating that it is in the wrong forum.

-- When you see a post which contains profanity, vulgarity, or pornography. Profanity can be a post which someone uses symbols for letters (like $ for an S) in order to spell out a profane word. Also it is unnacceptable to type profane words by varying the spelling slightly. If you see a post that has [Strike] in it one or more times, you should report it. This is a profanity that has been picked up by the auto-filter. The mods can see what the original word was and take action accordingly.

--When someone is being abusive or excessively rude or offensive.

Once you click on the button, you will get a window that will ask you if you are sure you want to report it. At this point you can click "OK" or "Cancel". If you click "OK", then you will be given the choice of sending a message to the moderators or simply returning to the forums. It is recommended that you accompany the report with at least a brief message explaining the report in more detail.

This is a very useful tool that can help improve the quality of the forums and maintain the family oriented environment. Thanks in advance for your help.
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